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Hybrid annuity refers to a combination of several unique aspects of various annuities that have been combined to create a new type of annuity. What is being referred to as a Standard Hybrid annuity is actually in most cases a Fixed Index Annuity with one of the newer more innovative income riders. Many times these annuities are only partially explained leaving the prospective client either believing that it is too good to be true or expecting more than what’s realistic from this popular retirement financial solution. The Immediate Hybrid Annuity™ refers an annuity that is built on an immediate annuity chassis to create the highest lifetime income that also allows access to initial premium or initial principal that has not been withdrawn yet for income purposes.

Video: Are 8% to 15% Hybrid Annuity Income Returns Bait & Switch Marketing?

Fixed Index Hybrid Annuities for retirees have surged in popularity. Demand since the Great Recession has grown faster than all other annuity types. Appeal is to safety, income, and growth. The newer Immediate Hybrid Annuities™ are designed to eliminate annual fees and increase income for those desiring a pension style income stream sooner rather than later.

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Our recent website visitor survey based on field observations finds that some agents tend to overstate benefits and focus on lower rated Fixed Index Hybrid Annuities that pay more in commission. Hybrid annuity mistakes can be irreversible. So, like all financial instruments do some serious research and you will find that there are some very good Fixed Index Hybrid Annuities or Immediate Hybrid Annuities™ to choose from that are designed to meet your goals.

Know the Pros & Cons before Committing ANY Retirement Savings to Hybrid Annuities…

“Make Decisions based on income, ratings, and key facts – Compare Hybrids!”

Our helpful visitor field survey finds:

  1. Most Hybrid annuity owners with higher rated Hybrid annuities are pleased.
  2. A portion of Hybrid annuity owners did not adequately understand their purchase.
  3. Those who chose the lesser rated insurers were less confident with their decision.
  4. Some purchasers believe their agent left-out key facts and did not inform them fully.
  5. Few owners, after purchasing, felt Hybrid annuities were not in their best interest.
  6. Those who structured Hybrid annuities for maximum income with reduced or no annual fees were more likely to recommend this type of annuity to others.

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 Comparing Traditional Hybrid Annuities & The New

Immediate Hybrid Annuity™ – Which is Best?


Understand Hybrid Annuity Pros and Cons…

Are you considering a Fixed Index Hybrid or a New Hybrid Immediate Annuity™? Learn about both of them first then compare the two for maximum income. There is a new generation of Hybrid Immediate Annuities™  available that have adopted many of the Hybrid features without the annual fees and higher agent commissions typically associated with Hybrid Annuities.
Watch as Dick & Eric discuss a new Hybrid Annuity chassis that some agents are ignoring.

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Hybrid Annuity (Fixed Index) Advantages:

  • Five to eight percent growth of an income base account for future income.
  • The ability to have increasing income as an inflation hedge
  • Upside market potential using popular indices such as the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones IA
  • No actual market investment and no downside market risk
  • Pension styled income that cannot be outlived
  • Majority control of initial premium for unexpected expenses
  • The ability for heirs to receive the full account value of what has not been withdrawn.

Hybrid Annuity Immediate™ Advantages:

  • Easy to understand all contractually guaranteed.
  • Simple to compare on the internet and purchase based on simple quotes.
  • The ability to have increasing income as an inflation hedge.
  • No market investment and no downside market risk.
  • The Largest pension styled income that cannot be outlived.
  • No Fees.
  • Majority control of initial premium for unexpected expenses after a designated time period.
  • The ability for heirs to receive the full account value of what has not been withdrawn.

Hybrid Case Study IThis Case Study Video looks at an income need starting in ten years. A must see Hybrid example.

Tim was concerned about Laura having enough income if he predeceased her. This educational video shows the inside story on how Tim and Laura solved their dilemma by using the best Hybrid Annuity Income Plan designed specifically for them.

Hybrid Annuity Case Studies

Hybrid Annuity Fixed Index Disadvantages & Misconceptions:

  • These financial instruments are considered to be complex with moving parts that can substantially limit growth potential
  • Income for life is lower than most immediate annuities without approximately five or more years of deferral.
  • The five to eight percent growth guarantee is not a cash value and can not be taken out in a lump sum.
  • Most do not have any increasing income probability after the income rider is activated.
  • Upside market potential using popular indices such as the S&P 500 or the Dow Jones IA. Gains are limited considerably.
  • Fees are charged for income riders costing typically about one percent annually for as long as the annuity is in effect.
  • Surrender charges amount to around ten percent for excessive withdrawals in early years
  • Heirs may pay ordinary income tax rates depending on how the Hybrid annuity is structured.

Hybrid Annuity Immediate™ Disadvantages & Misconceptions:

  • There is no deferral period income typically starts within thirty days
  • Surrender or commutation charges amount to around ten percent for withdrawals in early years
  • Heirs may pay ordinary income tax rates depending on how the Hybrid annuity is structured.

Hybrid Case Study IIThis next Case Study Video looks at income starting next year. Another must see Hybrid example.

Cindy wanted to retire next year but did not want to risk retiring too early and running out of money. This educational video explains how Cindy and Bill used an Inflation Hedged Hybrid Income Annuity.



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Question: How many baby boomers will retire over the next 10 to 15 years?

Answer: 78,000,000. Yes. Seventy Eight Million retiring with not one dime on reserve in our Social Security System. We’re at least a day late and a dollar short. It’s too bad FDR didn’t use our social security tax to fund annuities; then we would not be in this mess today!


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