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Does your retirement have too much market risk?

“It is no accident that safe fixed annuities are now in the mainstream of conservative planning for Market Free® Retirements.” For years fixed annuities were sidelined by the investment industry promoting diversification using only volatile risk-oriented securities while steering retirees away from the security of adding fixed annuities or other insurance **guaranteed** alternatives for a safer balanced retirement portfolio.
Definition: Market Free® -annuity -retirement and -portfolio; each refer to the use of fixed insurance products with minimum **guarantees that have no market risk to principal and are not investments in securities.

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Since most investors experienced the 2008-2009 Great Recession losses first-hand, they now know the fallacy of relying solely on market risk securities during or near retirement which proved costly & foolhardy for most. With hindsight, the advantages of fixed annuities in a balanced Market Free® Retirement Portfolio are all too obvious for savers and investors alike. Hindsight, as wisely stated, is always 20/20!


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4% to 12% *ANNUAL PAY-OUT or
PRE-ISSUED™ – 4% to 7% APY

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Annuities have come to the forefront as an asset allocation of choice for securing retirements after many folks faced turbulent financial times in the recent Great Recession. While there are numerous financial choices, only MarketFree® Annuities can fully answer the fundamental retirement questions concerning, pension style **guaranteed** income, reasonable growth and a high level of financial safety during retirement.


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Retirement Calculators can assist you in your research towards a very secure, tax deferred portfolio allocations. They can help with calculations on **guaranteed minimum interest rates or projected higher potential earnings. These calculations show no tax due on any earnings until they are withdrawn from the account. Use these calculators such as the fixed annuity calculator, variable annuity# calculator, or immediate annuity calculator to help you determine how these financial instruments might fit into your retirement plan. Also take advantage of the retirement planning calculator and the retirement shortfall calculator.


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Fixed Index Annuity & Hybrid Annuity Info

MarketFree® Hybrid Annuity Case Study…

Case Study:  In November of 2007, Jan and Steve, a couple concerned about the security of their investments and retirement savings, made a call to Ed, a family friend who was also their financial professional. After a brief conversation, they agreed to meet a few days later and discuss their portfolio. Upon meeting with the couple, Ed reluctantly agreed with them that they were not risk-takers, and yet he had a majority of their assets wrapped up in the stock market against their better judgment. Awkward as it was, Jan and Steve severed their business relationship with Ed causing some friction with the relatives. In an initial consultation with a new advisor which specialized in retirement planning they were carefully examining their investment options and looking at alternatives such as CDs, bonds, and REITs, Steve and Jan also discussed that they had read some negative reviews about annuities. The sources they were quoting said they were risky and associated with high fees and surrender charges. The articles they had gathered their information from were strongly biased. Additionally, these articles had placed all emphasis on the variable annuity# (VA) category. Unfortunately, it is not at all uncommon for financial writers to demonstrate bias by spinning an incomplete or simply inaccurate tale. Although the VA, when used under correct circumstances, can make perfect sense, they are distinctly different from MarketFree® fixed annuities, which tend to have lower fees, lower risk and be more conservative. Once they understood the differences between variable and fixed, they wanted to learn more about the benefits of using a fixed annuity for a portion of their retirement nest egg. This couple eventually chose to leave the stock market and allocated a reasonable portion of their retirement savings into MarketFree® fixed annuities with income riders. Their cash value has increased as planned, and they are now comfortable knowing their retirement income foundation is predictable and secure. Best of all, they did not lose any of their money during the Great Recession of 2007-2009. Unfortunately, not all misinformed individuals have such a happy ending.

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“Make Decisions based on income, ratings, and key facts – Compare Hybrids!”

Our helpful visitor survey finds:

  1. Most Hybrid annuity owners with higher rated Hybrid annuities are pleased.
  2. A portion of Hybrid annuity owners did not adequately understand their purchase.
  3. Those who chose the lesser rated insurers were less confident with their decision.
  4. Some purchasers believe their agent left-out key facts and did not inform them fully.
  5. Few owners, after purchasing, felt Hybrid annuities were not in their best interest.
  6. Those who structured Hybrid annuities for maximum income with reduced or no annual fees were more likely to recommend this type of annuity to others.


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